Business philosophy

DAO always pursue innovation and excellent design, we believe that close communication with customers and multi-professional cooperation make excellent solutions. We firmly believe that through the international background team experience and discussion, we will seek the optimal solution for each project, also the lowest cost, most efficient structural design.

Service Advantage
DAO electromechanical equipment expert team is formed by numerous professional engineer team, with their years of rich experience to provide all kinds of engineering design services for the building. DAO electromechanical equipment team has accumulated decades of professional experience in the construction industry, draw up "electrical design basis and drawing"; familiar with kinds of different air condition ventilation design methods; familiar with various types of building water supply & drainage as well as fire control design method, with abundant design experience and  ability to solve the problem of each phase of the project. In the stage of project planning, preliminary design and construction drawing stage, DAO ensure to provide the best solution for each project with professional knowledge of multi-interdisciplinary field.

Main Service Area
City complex, commercial, residential, tourism, seniors ,hotel, office, exhibition, culture & sports & medical

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