DAO Team

DAO design fully confirm the talented and diligent employees, the culture atmosphere of pursuing excellence is formed all over the company. 

We recruit talent around the world, encourage staff to cooperate, seek common ground and reserve differences, integrate resources with high efficiency, free to express, communicate equally in multicultural environment, create and improve the best imaginative proposal.

DAO research & development and innovate and unremittingly, look for creative talent with creative ideas constantly, realize the company philosophy of pursuing excellent design, design make value. the pursuit of excellence in design. 

Ten Talent Standards:

•     Always grow with company, regard the prospects of the company favorably.

•     High responsibility

•     Good occupation quality

•     High standard, ambitious

•     Broad minded, open minded and tolerant, compressive ability and patient

•     Quick learner, go beyond oneself

•     Effective communication, objective, mutual cooperation

•     Proactive

•     Target and result oriented, focus, quick and high efficiency

        •      Work hard, opportunity seizer, position oneself by exploration