Service Advantage

Whole Industry Chain Linkage

As a professional project design management company, Dao design is capable of providing the full range and one-stop project solution such as project planning and orientation, planning, design, marketing, development management and so on. We also provide whole course technical services such as project consulting, design, management, operation, implementation, meanwhile, develop the linkage advantage of internal industry chain.

Building Information Modeling

BIM (Building Information Modeling) system is used in DAO design, it provide four-dimensional service model system from space to time, it can be used on error elimination, cost control, construction control, material control, schedule control, operation management and so on. DAO design has its own BIM training school, ranking in the cutting-edge of BIM promotion and application.

Low Carbon Technology

Chinese low carbon urban design institute is founded by DAO design, the particular theory system and successful practice cases are established by the discussion between the low carbon urban design theory and practice on non-technical level. The urban low carbon operation can be realized under the circumstance of no increase in city construction investment, even more intensive use of land resources.

Project Management

DAO design not only provides innovative design concept, also pay more attention to the built process. We believe that only the 100% whole process service from idea to implementation can help customers to achieve the ultimate goal of interest. To achieve the goal of “making building to the best", the company adheres to the principle of "all for customers, project oriented", adopts international advanced project manager system management mode, build excellent project management platform, all these make the original architectural concept program realized effectively.