Company Description


DAO Co., Ltd. (Shanghai DAO Design & Consulting Co., Ltd.) is an International Design Consultancy focused on Planning and Architectural Design. In January 2014, DAO Co., Ltd. (430475) was listed on the New Third Board Stock Market. With Comprehensive Architecture Class A, Urban Planning Class B, Municipal Class B, and Decoration Engineering Class A Certificates, we serve our clients with total solutions. DAO has branched out to the cities of Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan, Chongqing, Hefei, Xi’an and Shenyang with our work crossing the borders of over 30 provinces. It is with great pride that we continue our professional growth thus currently we have ownership of several different subsidiary companies, including Shanghai Lushang Asset Management Co., Ltd, Shanghai Luyou Investment Management Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Luzhen Investment Management Co.,Ltd, Shanghai Lurong Decoration Engineering Co.,Ltd,  Shanghai Luzhuo Health Technology Co., Ltd, Shanghai Dao Zhujing Landscape Design Co. , Ltd, Stoa Architects Co. , Ltd and Shanghai Low Carbon Urban Design Institute.


Combining both international experience and insights of the domestic market, DAO continually innovates, perfects and expands our success in areas of engineering design and consultancy. Our Design Services include: Planning, Architecture, Municipal, Landscape, Interior, Structure Optimization, Curtain Wall and Lighting Design. Our Management Services include: Pre-planning, Merchandising and Operation, Engineering Consultancy, Implementation Management, Decoration Engineering, Sales Management and Financial Consulting. We have designed many well-known projects including China Financial Information Center, China Convention& Exhibition Center of International Sourcing, Guangdong Daya Bay Jade City Residential Community, Protection Planning of Historical & Cultural Site of Shanghai Fengjing Town, Central Green Landscape Design of Shanghai Lujiazui and many others.


DAO has maintained a successful track record in the fields of Urban Planning, Industrial Complex, Urban Complex, Hotel, Office, Residential, Tourism Real Estate and Senior Housing Design.We are driven by a well-defined set of Core Values including Service, Professionalism, Quality and Efficiency. These values fuel our intense focus on continuous improvement, which leads to repeated recommendations by our clients.We work together with our clients and partners, and we have established long term relationships with enterprises such asShimao Group, Wanda Group, Greenland Group, China Merchants Property Development Co. Ltd,Powerlong Group, Zhangjiang Group, Pengxin Group, Oriental Classic Group, Xinyuan Real Estate, Central China Real Estate Limited and Cifi Group; as well as governmentsincluding Planning Bureaus,Management Committees, New City Development Companies and theXinhua News Agency.


DAO is constantly exploring unique ways to progress the internationaldevelopment of our professional and quality oriented company. We advocate Innovation, Teamwork, Responsibility and Gratitude; all of which attractthe highestquality professionals in diversified fields from China and abroad.This allowsDAO to bring into China advancedexperience, knowledge and creativity in UrbanPlanning, Building Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Transportation Services. All our staff is focused in consistently delivering excellence in our final product for a better urban environment and a better life.


At DAO Group we are ever mindful of Technology and Research. We are using advanced BIM / Revit systems of software for our projectconstruction documentation to provide clients with the mostcost-effective service. We acquired Shanghai Low Carbon Urban Design Instituteto take low carbondesign into action! Our talented staff of pre-planningand researching of sustainable development hasachieved many patents. We have been rated a “high-techenterprise” since 2012 which illustrates that we have developedinto an innovative technology dominated company.


The mission at DAO is to offer an internationally leading design and consulting company, combining innovative artistic conception with advanced business ideasand management patterns to deliver economical, efficient and ecological urban planning and architectural solutions. We strive toimprove people’s life as well as to maintain sustainable development of the environment. Our work reflects an enduring commitmentto “create value” for clients and to create a career platform for our staff. Our goal is to exceed the client's needs and expectations as well as to create a sustainable global environmental atmosphere.